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Default Media offline when I attempt to insert

I've been googling, looking at the forums and the manual, but can't quite pin this down.

I've created a project, and have two video clips (two takes, 4 and 5 mins long) to import. I clicked "insert media file" and navigated to my download folder and clicked "open". The files appeared in their tracks, but they were only 1 second long. In the little video window nothing appeared, not even one second of the vids, just blackness.

I closed and reopened Reaper, and I also turned my PC (windows 10) off overnight, but it's still doing it today.

The files are .movs and I have checked and my "video decoder priority" is set to vlc first, then ffmpeg then it says qt followed by what I think is a colon, then mov.

I moved the two clips to a sub-folder in the Project Folder, closed Reaper, reopened, and tried again. Same problem.

It names the track after the file name, it brings in one second, and it writes "offline" across it.

If I open the videos from File Manager, they play in the default media player. So they are there.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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