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Originally Posted by 16string View Post
Recording a guitar say in Track 1, I record in Items in fact. That's true?
Yes, and no.

When you are recording a signal on a specific track,
you are basically telling reaper to:

1) record audio signal to disk (the only location where actual data is)
2) position the recorded data from current Edit Cursor position onward,
contained in a newly created 'item' which links to the file on disk.
3) route the audio from the new item through the FX and additional
routing on the track you have selected to record on.

It'a signal flow hierarchy, a structure which directs when and where
the signal goes to. Everything you do with the item (copy it, cut it,
delete it, stretch it,...) will NOT affect the original recording
stored on the disk. It will just change how it is played back. Items
are basically just links to original data with instruction set on
how it should be read.

Note: MIDI is a bit different, since it is stored within the project
file, not as a separate file like audio. But, as reaper is
quite flexible, that can be changed as well.

Originally Posted by 16string View Post
overwhelmed by your super fast answer - thanks a lot
My pleasure

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