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Default iPlug 2: Location of the component file??

Hi everyone.

I'm using IPlug 2 in Xcode and it works great, but when I build the AU component (for Logic) I can't find it anywhere. Nevertheless, Logic still recognizes the plugin and I can use it, but this means that every time I make a change and I start Logic, it will scan all of my AU plugins for some reason.

I also use Juce to code other plugins and with Juce projects all I had to do was to build the AU with Xcode, find the component file (usually on the build folder of the project) and then drag it to my Library->Audio->Plugins->Components folder.

The strange thing is that Logic still recognizes the existence of the plugin even when it's not inside said Components folder.

Any clues on where can I find the generated AU file so I can manually copy-paste it to the Components folder and thus avoid the rescanning every time I open Logic?

Thank you

*** EDIT *** SOLVED: I had to remove the Clear AU Cache script from the Build Phases. Now it works fine.

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