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Originally Posted by Amazed View Post
See. I get what you are saying. You can transpose the track but where is the visual indicator? It's like cloud computing? I need to see that the track is +5 semitones. That's the thing. Any ideas?
See that's the whole problem with reaper midi.

Reaper and it's users developers see midi as data. Mostly data that they don't care about.

Real midi people, like you and me, see the midi as MUSIC. So, like your +5 semitone example, ok, you're harmonizing something with a 5th. Or whatever. +12 to shift octave on bass samples, etc.

So you want to SEE that.

In Reaper, Midi is like the retarded cousin they keep in the basement. The people doing the features don't (seem) to understand the musical implications or workflow of what real midi users are trying to achieve.

It's just data to them.

What we want is useful ways of dealing with this MUSICal data that we so dearly love.

Making everything look like a nail and hammering into various subwindows to find out what is really going on is just not productive, it's distracting and it distracts brain availability from focusing on the music to mousing and clicking around.

There are countless examples of this. Having to click to open midi to quantize as an example. It's like they themselves have never done a keyboard project in midi, they just read about midi on the internet and throw out some dog food to placate those dang midi users.

Having to click into ReaControlMidi just to change the PATCH on a hardware synth is truly insane.
I mean, the patch needs to be right there on the TCP. Heck, just to SEE what patch you have you'd have to open up a window with ReaControlMidi, instead of having it right on the TCP.

It's insane. Or is it inane? Maybe both.

It's like if you had to click your heels three times while rubbing your head just to delete a paragraph in microsoft word for example.

The purpose of these programs should be to STREAMLINE what people want to do, not throw up more and more roadblocks, pop up windows and barriers.

Not trying to be mean here -- but it really looks like the core devs are not big users of midi.

I think the core dev team could really use someone who LOVES and BREATHES midi and keyboards to really get that ship pointed in the right direction.


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