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I see....well, I tried the partial hui and I saw it only had very basic functions. But I must say if you can know what the novtion sends and what messages it expects to receive, I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to get it all working using mtp.
Sometimes I think that I know this damned controller better, then myself. I know every CC it sends and receives and I also have a MIDI Programmer's manual for it.

Do the encoders and stuff send any midi out in non auto map mode? I have the docs for the hui spec if you need them.
Yes, they do. It's just three initial sysex messages needed to be sent to controller to make it think that Automap server is online. Then it'll start receiving feedback from host.

I assume you have miditranlatorPRO? If you have it, and some time AND the controller can send and receive midi...then you should be golden.
I'm not an expert at mtp, but I think it could help here.
To be true, I have trial version of Bome's. But there's one issue. I'm afraid of SL MkII and I don't think that HUI is any easier.

Edit...the only problem I had that I didn't resolve was converting the display messages that show on the hui screen. Hui uses zones..8 if remember correctly....where the MCU is straight across in two rows.
SL is also two straight lines, but you can address sysex messages to pick starting point for the message at the particular column of the lcd.

I bypassed the problem by using an android tablet on my hui as a second PC monitor and using a MCU display emulator to show the info. Miditranslator pro can do it, but my hardware display ..on the smaller than the MCU display so I would have had to truncate text..not usable. But everything else works both ways.
Do you know how to implement display functionality on a larger display?
Mine has 144 columns and two rows.
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