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Originally Posted by moss View Post
I am the author of the Bitwig script. The Remotes are a nightmare to program because of this Automap thingy and the hidden Midi channel :-/
Hey, nice to see you joining the discussion!

Good to have you here, as programming for such devices seems even more of a nightmare if you *don't* have one sitting on the shelf.
Originally Posted by moss View Post
The "Ableton Automap mode" is basically Automap but running on the normal midi devices and not the hidden one. I guess they had to do that workaround because Ableton is using a similar scripting approach like Bitwig (but with Python instead of JavaScript).
Thanks for your pointers.

So, do you agree that the basic steps outlined above (following the approach of your Bitwig script) would be a suitable approach in this case as well? I'm still wondering if it makes more sense to use the Automap mode or the 'advanced mode'.
Originally Posted by moss View Post
However, there are some limitations: You can not use the Automap specific buttons like user, fx, etc. which is a shame.
Do they simply not send any MIDI messages (which indeed would be a shame)? Or do you mean that there's some Automap-specific functionality not working? That would seem irrelevant, insofar as the idea here is to not use Automap at all, I guess.
Originally Posted by moss View Post
BTW: Since I also use Reaper (I am a multi-DAW weirdo ;-)), it would be great if they would come up with a similar open script API as Bitwig!
Multi-DAW/host/sequencer weirdo here, too. Or perhaps I should just say "Hi, I'm Banned, and I'm a DAW slut".

Indeed, it would be great to something (more) similar in REAPER. Justin has hinted at the possibility of including something like OSCII-bot in REAPER, which would presumably make it possible to access REAPER's API as well. (Conversely, as I suspect you know already, when using ReaScripts, we can use the API, but don't have sufficient access to MIDI/OSC input/output).
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