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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
I've received the following, while experimenting:

Ableton template - reacts to CC messages with LED. Can send and receive commands at channel 1. Doesn't accept SYSEX LCD Messages.

Automap template - Receives SYSEX LCD messages and responds to SYSEX requests at channel 16. Doesn't react to LED change commands. Doesn't send midi data. When user presses any control, "Automap is offline" message appears on LCD.
I'm not sure at all, but perhaps the Automap template *does* send out MIDI, but using that 'hidden' port? That's what I gathered from reading the Programmers Reference document, anyway. You might be able to find out what part of the SysEx message stands represents the USB/MIDI port to be used, so you can change it to a non-hidden, regular USB/MIDI port.

Actually, after a bit of investigating, it seems to be the byte at offset 0x66; changing it from 50h to 48h should make the template send out MIDI data at USB port 2 instead of 3. What I did, was open the "33 - - Automap Universal.syx: file in the template editor, which complains about some invalid parameter ranges, which are then clamped. I saved that file under another name (comparing them showed a handful of changed bytes throughout the file). Then, using the template editor, I went to Menu > Template > MIDI Groups, and changed the 'Common' group setting from USB Port 3 to USB Port 2, and saved it again under another name. Next, I compared the last two files in Hex Fiend (which allows me to compare binary files), and it showed that only this single byte changed, as mentioned. Finally, I took the original SysEx file (since I have no idea if/how that 'clamping' might affect anything), and edited it to change only this one particular byte. So, I'd suggest to try and upload this edited file to the device, see if it still works, while sending out MIDI data over its non-hidden USB port 2 rather than the hidden USB port 2.

(Btw, which Ableton template are you using? That bunch of Novation templates you posted includes two "Ableton Live Automap" templates, number 21 and number 32, respectively - and there are some minor differences in the SysEx data... do you know what those differences stand for, when using them?)
Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
I assume that the host should send an initial sysex greeting to the controller, so it will think that Automap Server is online and then it will communicate with the host.
I have no idea if such a 'handshake' is actually required. I'll go through that Programmers Reference when I have some spare time, perhaps that will alllow me to better understand how things are supposed to work - it's not easy to wrap my head around this without having my hands on the actual hardware, though.
Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
Haha, awesome.
Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
Some LED test. It's really interesting to play with those things.
Yeah, that can be fun indeed. Just for fun, here are a couple of old videos with LED tests I did on my BCR-2000: PM LFO test; VU meter test.
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