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Originally Posted by Jedi View Post
Just a note about extenders... I've recently learned the old
gray-face MCU extenders don't work with either the older Klinke
.dll or the REAPER .dll They sort of work... track names
appear and the faders move if you move them in the DAW. But
they don't control the DAW, nor do any of the other buttons
work (mute, solo, etc.)

So don't be too tempted to look at the old (gray) extenders
just because the price is really cheap.


anyone want to buy an MCU Extender (gray face) for only $150?

Sorry to contradict you, but my ebayed old grey MCU + extender
works perfectly under any circumstance except with the latest klinke dll (as expected).

Maybe you have some cabling issues or the unit went faulty

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