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Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
Unfortunately not BUT if a few of us can get the money together to buy Klinke a 2nd hand extender or main unit (I've seen them sell for less than 200) then Klinke will get round to putting in multi MCU support (may take a while as it's a big job)

I'm willing to put in 50
Mmm, the situation had changed a little bit since we talked about that, i got an iPad1 and it seems that in combination with the Saitara AC7 app i could use it to work on the multi MCU support (maybe i need some help from users with a real extender).

But it is still a lot of work, and it is work that does not have a real usage for me (i will not use the AC7 app for making music, the Midi Touch app is a better addition). And i have a lot of other project ideas which are compete against the multi MCU support. So i want to be sure that there are many users which find this feature a must. And a good way to express this need, is a promise to donate. ;-)
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