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Default Adding VST effects after routing

Firstly, I am so thankful for this thread (and similar entry in the manual) because it has got me a long way. I only started using Reaper recently, and it has so far been the best DAW decision I have ever made!

So, to my question:

Up unto this point I have been I have had success adding Kontakt 4 to a track and configuring it properly as a multi VSTi...I can get all the virtual instrument to send to their desired tracks perfectly fine. The problem for me comes in when I want to add additional effects or plugins.

For example, let say I have 8 instruments loaded into Kontakt 4, with a piano as my midi#1 sends to the appropriate track, where I have a few midi notes in that I want to add some reverb to this track, but don't want to use the built in reverb from Kontakt 4...lets say I was to add REAPER's can I accomplish this?

If I add it directly to the track where the midi notes are, it doesn't register anything because I suppose that track is actually sending the info to Kontakt 4 which actually outputs the sound. If I create a bus with reverb and send Kontackt 4 there, it puts reverb on all of the instruments, not just the piano.

I have been at this for days now fiddling with routing configurations and just can't seem to get it,...there must be something simple I am overlooking, please help!!

Thanks so much!!
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