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I was inspired to try a few things out after reading this thread and thought I would share my thoughts.

I put some new strings on the guitar a few days before so they are not brand new, but still have some good rasp to them and they feel good. I have read that brand new strings can be too bright, but I guess this is probably dependent on the guitar and the strings and myriad other factors. suffice to say, the guitar is sounding quite good to my ears.

I tried the kind of standard SDC pointing at the 12th fret around 1' away and, on its own, I thought it was a bit too bright and lacking much body. I think this could work well in the mix, especially for a strumming part that it is in the background and offering a percussive element as much as anything else.

I added another SDC (the other half of the matched pair) and pointed it at the bridge around 1' away too. The direction of this mic was very important and you can "tune" the low end with subtle movements towards/away from the sound hole. It occurred to me that where you pick the strings is also highly relevant and influential in terms of tone (also, finger style, type of pick, etc.) and I guess this is where the player can really make the difference between good/great and underwhelming. In combination, the two SDCs produce a decent tone and changing the placement can give you options. (the mics are a pair of oktava mk012s, both in cardioid throughout - I'm recording in a smallish bedroom so I did not bother with omni mode, because the room is not great sounding.)

finally, because I was procrastinating, i added an LDC about 2' away and pointing at around the 17th fret/body above the sound hole. on its own this sounded ok, nothing special, and then combined with the other two IT SOUNDED ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS! most of you will probably have realised what the problem was, but it took me a while to think about experimenting with the phase. I flipped it on the LDC channel and voila, it sounded pretty good again.

I tried this setup on a variety of songs (strumming, finger picking and hybrid picking) and it worked nicely, with a few tweaks needed mainly to accommodate the different playing styles - basically all of the tweaking was in aiming the SDC either closer to or further from the sound hole so it was getting an appreciably 'full' sound that could be used to balance the bright tone from the other mics. the only EQing I did was a high pass filter in ReaEQ (120dB or so) and then I added a cheesy reverb and I was a happy camper.
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