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Originally Posted by PhelixK View Post
yes of course, for easy access the action can be made into a button or key-command, and even lights up when engaged There's also 'mouse modifiers' to customize dragging/clicking with actions, applying 'tiny fades' and much more.
There is no way of modifying the drag and drop from the media explorer to trigger or include a custom action, which is what I would need for the specific use case we're discussing. Keyboard action wouldn't work for because of the aforementioned issue with all items being inserted at the bottom of the tracklist, also, you can't make a custom action combining actions from the 'media explorer' and actions from the 'main' list, so this wouldn't work anyway... perhaps I'm missing something though.

Originally Posted by PhelixK View Post
I don't think this pre-release place is for discussing all those existing Reaper features. The general forum and the feature request section is really the place to ask and explore, lot's of good ideas! /best regards.
You are correct. I got a bit carried away with that last post, it's just that when I make these suggestions over here I've noticed they have a higher chance of getting implemented, especially if it's a suggestion for an area that I know is currently being worked on... anyway, I'll give it a rest now
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