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Originally Posted by PhelixK View Post
I do understand your request, might be convenient to have the option from inside the explorer.
But, have you tried using one of these toggles when inserting? :

Action list,
Item: Toggle enable/disable default fadein/fadeout
SWS: Toggle default fade time to zero
Thanks for your suggestion PhelixK, that would absolutely work, but unless that can be cooked into a custom action that replaces the standard drag and drop for inserting media, then it's just one more thing I'll forget to do until it's too late I don't tend to use the default actions (double-click/enter) for inserting media because it all creates the new track right at the bottom of the track list, which is inconvenient for large complex projects.

For this same reason I'd also love to see an option for the default double-click/enter action to insert media on new track directly below the current selected track, rather than always at the bottom of the project... On very large projects it can be a pain when everything is always placed at the bottom of the tracklist, so I tend to just make a blank track where I want it then drag and drop the file on to it so it's where I want it straight away.

Even better would be direct drag and drop to a fresh track in any place, so Reaper just creates a new track in the place you dropped it, like it does when you drag and drop a track template... however this would require graphical consideration for some kind of visual cue that tells you whether you're dropping the media item onto an existing track, or creating a new one for it, so it's more of a full feature request rather than the kind of small tweaks we're discussing here... a keyboard modifier+drag for creating a new track where you drop the media item would also do the job I guess.

While we're on the subject - it would also be nice if the selected media item was still highlighted when clicking out of the media explorer, and NOT reset when clicking back on the media explorer, an option for 'deselect all media when clicking in blank space' for the media explorer, which we can uncheck, would be much appreciated. I'm constantly losing my place because of this - I realise you can see last selected media item name at the bottom of the file preview window, but I have the media explorer docked to the side, and to actually see the FULL name you need to drag the media explorer out until it takes up half the screen, and even then it's still much slower to figure out where you are than by using the list highlight, which tells you straight away (considering a typical loop/sample folder contains 30 files all with the same name and a slightly different suffix at the end, it's easy to lose your place).
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