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I don't know if the media explorer is still getting some love - but if it is then I'd love to see an option to disable the auto fades for all media item imports.

I'm referring to the option 'Create automatic fade-in/fade-out for new items'. This is slightly misnamed because it actually creates small fades on every edit made (which is actually the behaviour I like). I tend to keep this option on because I prefer using the auto fades when editing rather than auto crossfades, as the crossfading means that splits made on the grid don't stay there, the item edges both get moved slightly to create the crossfade, and this can cause issues for duplicating and other edits down the line.

The problem is that this small autofade (even when set to 0.00.002) is enough to completely destroy the initial transient of any media item imported from the media explorer (consider sources like single drum hits, or short synth stabs for example). I can't actually think of an example where I'd need imported media items automatically faded before I've done anything to them. Perhaps someone will chime in with a use case I hadn't considered. Either way, it'd be awesome to have the option to disable the auto fades for media explorer imports, but still retain them for editing.

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