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Originally Posted by flight View Post
Again, thanks. I just tried out the "Move cursor left 8 pixels" and "Move cursor right 8 pixels" Actions, and it works more smoothly, and without regard to the grid.

You may want to set your scrub settings not to scrub when moving the cursor from a control surface, or you get chipmunk music, but this much works better I think.

As I say, it would be nice to have a couple more speeds, but this seems pretty workable as is.
Glad you've found something that suits What would be nice would be if we could enable/disable the audio scrub by momentary button.

Regarding the jog speed, Geoff's just posted a build with the modifiers fixed, so you may be able to change speed and kill the audio by defining a Shift function for the wheel and binding it to a Reaper action to move the edit cursor, which shouldn't output audio as it moves. Worth a try
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