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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Whole bunch of ones you folks will chime in with

What say you, good folk of CSI ?
There's only a few things that immediately spring to mind in addition to ones you've mentioned (things are pretty smooth here at the moment:

i) Scrubbing with the jog wheel. The MCU has a "scrub" button next to the wheel and it would be nice to be able to hold it down and hear audio whilst moving the wheel. Thanks to @Flight for reminding me about the whole jog wheel thing.

The last two concern plugin mapping and I'm not sure if fixes are even possible from within CSI.

ii) "The Curse of Three" Mapping plugin multi position switches is no problem for 1, 2, 4 or more positions. 3 position switches won't map properly to the C4 rotary encoder- nothing happens. If I map a three position switch to a press, I can sometimes get the first and last positions, but not always.

iii) "Over the cliff edge" Another problem that probably has more to do with the VST automation impolementation than CSI.

Some plugins go haywire if you continue turning a rotary encoder after the on screen control has reached the end of it's travel. The C4 display continues to update (into negative numbers if ccw) and Reaper either crashes, the plugin stops responding until the on screen control is reset with the mouse or it's value jumps to maximum (this can be a bit of a shock if the controlled parameter is the makeup gain of a compressor)

If there was a way of stopping the rotary output from reaching Reaper when the feedback reached one of two settable values (min/max), we wouldn't be at the mercy of poor VST auto implementation.

A lot of manufacturers pay little attention to this aspect of their plugins, not realising its use for control surface control.
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