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Acoustic guitar is an amazing instrument to use in the mix. I use it very often. You can have only three plain tracks with guitar, bass and drums and that's not easy to make sound full without FX. But you put an acoustic guitar in there and you have a complete fully blown production. The trick is to EQ and level the acoustic in such way, that you can't almost hear it in the mix, yet the empty background remains completely filled with almost "unnoticeable" wall of sound.
So anyway, my point is that you need to make it fit the mix. But like I said all ready, start with rolling off the deep bass, match the highs to cymbals and tweak the mids to taste if needed. Also listen and tweak it only with rest of the instruments playing because on it's own it'll sound bad.
If recording only acc guitar as a solo, than there are good advises here all ready.
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