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Finally had time to go back and do some more testing, and I'm following up for any googlers out there.

Settings: 48Khz, 32 block size

Using the ReaInsert method, 7 minute video here:
ReaInsert says the device reported latency is 424 samples. Ping shows an addtional 166 samples.

Using the "manual" method here:

and holding the mic on top of my head to simulate what I'd hear coming from my speakers, I measured 276 samples difference between the generated click source and the recorded click source.

I believe the difference of 110 samples corresponds to the sound traveling through air over the distance between my ears and the speakers, which is little less than a meter.

Because I sometimes track with headphones and sometimes with speakers, I decided to use a value between the two values, and added 200 samples to the Input latency in Preferences | Audio | Recording | Input Manual Offset.

Unless I'm wrong, which I very well might be, this calculates to an RTL of 13ms at 32b/48khz, which isn't great, and this is before any plugin-related latency. Still, I think it's workable.
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