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Thanks. There are no effects in the project, except for the guitar track, but that was added after the other tracks.

I'm using this method:

I may not have stated it clearly, but I'm running the line out of the interface to the line in and recording the result on Track 2. Track 3 is the same, it was just done after I uninstalled my previous card's driver. Track 4 is recording the speakers with a mic connected to In 2, and I'd expect that to have slightly more latency than tracks 2 or 3 due to the extra 3 feet the sounds has to go through the air, but it's actually a few hundred samples less.

Even when done correctly your results don't show latency as Reaper is already compensating for latency....any difference is just between reported (which you can see top right of arrange window) and measured latency.
I don't quite understand, can you elaborate on this? It seems likely that not (or mis)understanding this is the root of my "problem."
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