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Default AXE IO - High Latency, 261ms - is it my methods (SOLVED, it was my methods)?

AXE IO connected via USB to a USB port on my motherboard (ie, not an addon card)
Win10 with latest updates

1. Guitar cable (not TRS) from Input 1 to Output 1 (Input is line level, not the low-Z)
2. XLR mic from Input 2 to Output 1

Method 1:
Track 1: Click source
Track 2: Recording Input 1 (line in)
Track 3: Redo of Track 2 with my old audio card's software exited.
Track 4: Recording Input 2 (mic) (held on my head to emulate air gap between speakers and ears)
- These two were recorded in separate takes, not simultaneously

Zoomed all the way in and selected from the very start of the first audio on Track 2 or 3 to the very start of the first click source, set Transport to samples.

Results: 11741 samples for the mic, 12044 samples for the DI (and why is THAT backwards?) which is about a 1/4 second, or almost an 8th note at 120 bpm.

This is visible in the wave forms, too.

This user from August is getting a 10th of what I'm getting:

Playing 1/4 notes with my guitar does line up with the recorded click. Just playing without recording is very responsive, no latency that I can detect.

Haven't run the tool RTL tool from Oblique Audio yet. Is a TRS cable required, or is a regular TS guitar cable fine?

Thoughts/suggestions/comments? Thanks!
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