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There's either something in how the driver the device is using is written or a hardware cache limit in the device itself that makes 1024 samples the max size supported. Going over that makes the system work harder to manage the non-optimal larger buffer than it would to make the latency at a lower block size.

My MOTU 828mk3 interfaces have a max supported block size of 1024 samples. My Apogee Rosetta has a max of 1024 at 96k or 88.2k and a max of 512 at 48k or 44.1k. Setting larger will just use more CPU cycles and can even crash the driver.

I believe 1024 samples is a typical largest supported block size. This isn't a published spec though. Similar frustration as for plugins that don't publish their minimum required latency. Up to the user to find out by trial and error.
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