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Default Routing Issue

I recently switched from Audition CC 2019 to Reaper version 5.982. I am running OS X 10.14.6. I do podcasts both in person and remotely via Skype, so I purchased Rogue Amoeba's Loopback v2 and it worked perfectly recording directly into Audition. Since using Reaper, I setup Loopback to accomplish the same task, recording the Skype guest directly into Reaper, separate track, host separate track and another in studio guest, separate track. This is all working in Reaper, however, when I arm any track to record, say the host track in Reaper AND if I have a prerecorded track, say my prerec. Intro, that prerec. will record onto any armed track as well. Didn't do this in Audition. So, I figured it is definitely a routing issue since I can disable everything in Loopback and this double recording goes away.

I looked a little further and in Audio -> Device, I set the legacy mode on and set my output device to my Scarlett 2i2. This corrected this behavior but the manual doesn't really go into any detail about this setting in MacOS other than not recommended. What are the cons for setting legacy mode? Can someone explain this and if there is another way to do this without turning that on, I would love to know. Thanks in advance.

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