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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
I admit to a few *gulp* moments but the engineer is a real sweetheart & has already offered us the use of all the amps guitars etc that they have AND is letting me try my Rode Classic Mk1 on my vocals! It feels like when I used to be NearLy Famous years ago, all over again. Just hope I can cut it. All 4 songs done and ready to record, btw.

I also have another four old ones I want to get done, but on another day.
Wow. we ended up getting good takes on 3 of the 4 new songs and a couple of oldies, but I did discover something interesting. If you sing into a valve mic (like my Rode Classic 1) DO NOT use a metal screeen pop shield. My mike started hissing and burbling after about five songs & we finally decided it was down to moisture going THROUGH the pop shield and getting on the capsule. When I got it home I took the valve out & cleaned its pins and the socket, put the mike into its box with silica gel bag to dry it out & the next day all was well. Taking my nylon mesh pop shield next time!

The bad news: I wont receive the stems for overdubs and subsequent mixing for a couple of weeks!
But we were all very pleased with the outcome and cant wait to do more.
FWIW the studio has a decent live room and a huge control room, choice of Pro Tools HD or a 24 track 2" tape machine. Yamaha S10, biggish Adams and a lovely pair of wall-inset Tannoy mains. We sounded great through the mains!
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