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Here's a new version of DDP To Cue Writer.
Would you mind testing it?

This has been a bug (according to the developer of cdrecord)
of bad firmware in CD drives. I contacted him on this issue, and here's what he quoted.

PHP Code:
"Your problem is most likely caused by a bug in the firmware of your writer. 
This defect is a well known problem that is caused by firmware made by the 
chinese manufacturer "
Lite-ON". See also and the section on 
-raw96r in the cdrecord man page.

Please try to write the CD in -raw95r mode." 
I've added that command to burn cds in raw96r mode in this version.
Just make sure that there is a checkmark "Write CD in raw mode"
Download is Here.

Please let me know. I've tested it on my end, and it works.

Many Thanks,
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