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CD text was part of the Red Book standard way back when the CD was invented. It never took on.

Later, some other parties started expanding it, but that never took on either.

I think if you actually want a CD player that supports CD text today, your choice will be limited. And those that still say they support it, might not even know what they are supporting exactly.

It should be less of a problem with computer CD players. But even those are going the way of the Dodo...

Still, that said, iTunes still supports CD Text. But I've got no clue what they support exactly. None of the standalone players I ever used supported it well. The only two I ever encountered that supported it well, was a CDi player from Philips and a portable Bookreader/CD player from Sony. But who remembers CDi or that bookreader?

The question I'm left with, is "Who was bold enough to exclude talking about it in their licenses?". Especially as the original Red Book was open for everyone...
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