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Glad to hear! I still have my Steinberg controllers here (the CMC series), I hope I can hook them up with Reaper, soon. I'm using the iPad solely to fire up DAW internal commands. commands: Quantize notes and Human quantize notes.
I created those, because in Reaper we are not able to quantize notes in the arrangement. We have to enter the key editor to do so. Furthermore, Reaper does not allow to create presets for quantize with a certain strength. We always have to open the quantize dialog.
You can easily create new presets by adjusting the humanize value in the scripts and the grid value. I will provide triplet presets in a few.
Keep in mind, with my commands not being quantize commands, you cannot restore their initial position with "unquantize".
EDIT: The quantize "grid" commands use the project grid to quantize and NOT the MIDI Editor grid!

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