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Originally Posted by BRBWaffles View Post
Even if you wanted to split hairs and draw a distinction between EDM, D&B, or Dubstep, which I don't, my point would still stand.
Not splitting hairs here, I went by the broad definition of the term, as in all of those included in EDM, "Electronic Dance Music", not just the stuff that was originally attempted to be branded as "EDM".

The point doesn't stand either way, automation items are a feature that serves a wide range of users, instead of how you claimed it "primarily serves EDM producers." No need to get, indeed, hair splitty over it. Even if speaking strictly about electronic productions here, there's a load of material that greatly benefits from this functionality, and isn't by any means EDM.

In any case, either way you have it, I think there's not any dramatic information value to be further extracted from this, hah . Cheers.
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