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Originally Posted by Lunar Ladder View Post
Many other types of electronic music, yes, hybrid productions for tv/film/videogames, pop music, sample-based orchestral renditions, you name it. Very usable in any of these, and more.
You didn't actually give me an answer. The question wasn't whether or not the feature would be useful to a genre, it was whether or not the feature would be of foundational importance to the genre. With electronic music, the answer would be yes. With TV, film, and video game production, the answer would be no.

The reason for automation items is to create rhythmic or repeatable patterns with automation. The primary reason you'd do this is for oscillation purposes like LFOs, modulation, rhythmic ducking, etc. These are staple tools in electronic music. They are not staple tools to film scoring unless the film score includes electronic music.

Never once did I argue that other genres couldn't make use of the feature. I argued that the feature was implemented to serve one genre primarily. Not exclusively. Primarily. There's a difference.
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