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Originally Posted by e noho kuri View Post
Thanks for that Talisman. I got Battery and Kontakt working like that.

Its true you cant get much out of those folders. But you can put a lot in them. Send tracks work well inside them. I also run other synths inside the Kontakt folder to let them use the same effects as sample tracks.

And just coz I knew you were gonna ask; I just went and unpacked my Battery folder into the Kontakt one. All the sends stayed hooked up but now I can duck my bass with my kick drum.

This really is an elegant solution. Once I record a whole song, I can just turn off the Kontakt folder and everything is set up how I want it. In fact I guess I could just turn all the folders off as soon as I load them. They'll still be all subgrouped etc.

Heres kontakt 2 with 12 outputs and Battery with six. Just clone tracks or delete them to fit your needs and resave the templates.

Well Kontakt anyway. For some reason the Battery 3 track is to big to post.
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