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Default Kontakt 5 Elements with four instruments on stereo outputs

Since no one's posted here in a while I thought I'd add a recent template I made using Reaper 4.721/x64 and Kontakt Elements, so it should work with recent versions of Kontakt Player.

The template features a rack of 4 instruments in Kontakt Player using stereo outputs into Reaper. The mixer contains these tracks:

1. Kontakt 5
2. Drums Audio
3. Drums Midi (channel 1)
4. Bass Audio
5. Bass Midi (channel 2)
6. Piano Audio
7. Piano Midi (channel 3)
8. Guitar Audio
9. Guitar Midi (channel 4)

In other words they are arranged as pairs of tracks with the audio from Kontakt routed through the audio track for each instrument and any Midi items in the Midi tracks routed back to Kontakt and the relevant instrument. The audio tracks are set as folders for the Midi tracks. Also, a Midi controller can be set to each Midi channel in turn to play the relevant instrument live, though recorded or edited Midi items can be on any channel as all Midi data on any channel on a track is routed back to that track's instrument.

The template has 4 Kontakt instruments pre-loaded with some test Midi items to show it working. These instruments can be changed from within the Kontakt Player interface and the Midi items can be deleted. None of the tracks are armed or monitored but obviously you can change this and re-save the template.

I also have an 8-instrument version which is too large (even when zipped) to attach here. If anyone's interested in it, I'll put it on the stash, though it should be obvious how to set it up if you just look at the routing in the 4-instrument version.

Thanks have to go to Tod, DarkStar and Fex for help getting these templates up and running.
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