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Here are 2 track templates for the new TX16Wx sampler:

TX16Wx track template with 12 outs in mixer
TX16Wx track template with 12 outs in mixer and folder track

Both have all 12 audio out tracks shown (only) in the mixer, the only difference is that one has a folder track (shown in mixer only), and the other has no folder track.

The advantage of the folder track is that since all outputs go through it, you can put and FX and control volume on all at the same time.

The disadvantage of the folder track is that it's just one more track to mess up the project, plus the TX16Wx instrument track will look funny in the track panel since it's slightly skewed as being part of a folder structure.

The one with the folder track has grouped (connected) volume faders between the TX16Wx instrument track and folder track so that you can control the overall volume of all outputs from the track panel.

To use track templates, go to the Reaper main menu and select: Track - Insert track from template - Open template

Or put the file(s) in the template directory so that it can be opened from the list of Reaper templates. The path might vary, but for me on Win XP it's: C:\Documents and Settings\My User Name\Application Data\REAPER\TrackTemplates
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