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The basic functionality of ReaKontrol can be replicated with CSI (Transport Control, Mixer, ....). What requires dedicated code is KK instance focus and the upcoming (next release) extended edit functions which allow to use the keyboard for simple live looping and arranger stuff.
The NI midi protocol is very primitive (actually even more primitive than a fully implemented MCU protocol) in that it does not even allow to detect button hold/release events, which limits some possibilities that would be more user friendly. On the other hand NIs OSC protocol supposedly gives you tremendous flexibility in combination with the two screens of the S series Mk2. At the end of the day the devil is in the detail I guess. I simply wanted something that fits my workflow and is most frugal on CPU. Thatís the whole story why I wrote this thingy. BTW: You can even hijack the protocol with JSFX if you feel like it...
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