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Originally Posted by SmajjL View Post
Curious, for the VST software devs that has no plans for Linux, is there such a thing as a second best thing.. can they code their stuff in the future at least in a way to make it easier for WINE and what have we to actually work even better?
From a stricktly users experience, the less a plugin/app relies
on windows code, filesytem, and paths, the better.
Fathom Synth contains everything under one main folder,
except for an .xml config file.
U-he products are also highly consolidated.

Then there exists Native Instruments parade of zombie-coders,
who limply toss bits and bobs of code everywhere. Massive X,
their new 'flagship' synth, ships presets in an iso file, and the main installer doesn't even prompt for it.
Wavetables are in some 'Common Files' path, presets are in
Users/Public/Documents, various program code in Program Files/Native Instruments, some cache is in Users/you/appdata/low, and likely a few more locations are filled in for luck.

And what a vipers pit the whole visual c++ freak-show is...
and then they want tracking data sent, and a stupid auto-updating
install-droid/account manager, to ice the cake. It's so cool
when it all works, but holding your breath when walking on eggs,
doesn't exactly enhance your slowdance with the muse.

I've gone throug a dozen or so Fathom updates, some quite radical,
but solid coding has prevailed, U-he windows versions
likewise always work in wine/reaper, just good old-fashioned genious,
keeping things simple.
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