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Originally Posted by matthias.matthias View Post
Thank you Moss, I gave this great piece of software a try. I use a US-2400 in Mackie Emulation. There are two problems.

#1 The button to flip faders and knobs is not working. Instead I see a message saying "Audio & Instrument Tracks".

#2 The US-2400 has 25 faders, so it acts a one MCU and two extenders. When I choose that protocol, the banks are in the wrong order (first 17-24, then 9-16, and lastly 1-8).

Is it possible to fix these issues? Or did I miss any settings? Thanks a lot!
#1 is intentional, see documentation here:

#2 I am not sure: does it have 3 midi in-/outputs? If yes you simply need assign them in a different order.
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