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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
Don't worry about it! I enjoy these kind of challenges, and by now I'm kind of hooked on making this work.. If I didn't have the time or inclination I wouldn't have spent time on helping you

I'm on vacation and working on some other things, and when I get bored I have a look at the linux forum and maybe post something. In fact this is one of the better threads and full of useful information for people new to this. It also illustrates how a couple of changes can take you from being unable to use windows vsts at medium latency to make it work at low latency. It also serves to collect my thoughts in preparation of giving the wiki an overhaul, but writing that kind of documentation is something I don't really enjoy very much, at least not until it's finished

Think I'm gonna make this thread a sticky until there is better material available.

Though I'll concede temporary defeat. The problem is that I'm not very well versed in this kind of stuff. The ALSA userspace configuration is super powerful but also somewhat of an acquired taste. It's easy to make a mistake and it's hard to know the ins and outs of it if one haven't spent a lot of time doing it. This is the first time I've tried to do something like this, but I managed to combine my onboard with the rme babyface I have available here, so it's somewhat galling that I can't make it work for you too..

Could you please provide me with the output of If you don't have that program installed, the package is called alsa-util. That'll give me a lot of information about your system. Do remove the .asoundrc first.
Whoa, running produced a 3,755 line document. You didn't want me to post all of that here did you? I do know how it goes being determined to make stuff work though. My day gig before I retired at 60 was in IT and programming, and I was always the one who got the job of making difficult stuff work because I'd become consumed with it, thinking about it during dinner and while trying to go to sleep, but I'd always end up making it happen.

I'd do stuff like read a record from a data file, write parts of it out as a script combined with some additional commands, run the script, check a directory to see if something downloaded, open whatever it downloaded and read that until some magic string is found, then parse everything else out until you get some single element value, open the database again and then write this fabulous result to the record you started with, and so on. Somewhat like building a digital Rube Goldberg contraption.
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