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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
Congratulations! I think it took me weeks to figure that out when I got my Komplete 8 many years ago..
I just finished playing my Gibson L6s Midnight Special through Guitar Rig in REAPER, and it was plenty tight. I don't really use guitar sims, but I have some if I needed them.

Had to do a wine cmd, and then log onto e: in a command prompt. From there it was just type the extremely long name for the installer and away it went.

Thanks for the help on this one. I'd have never found the commands to make a dual format DVD all visible, looking through search engines.

So how do I back this entire copy of Linux up so I can restore it onto larger media? I'm down to 7.2GB of space after installing all this cool stuff I wasn't expecting to ever install.

When I set my machine up dual boot a couple months ago I bought a 250GB Samsung EVO and made two partitions on it. I only gave 30GB to Linux because my plan was to keep all REAPER stuff in Windows only. Things have changed now, and while I don't anticipate installing anything else now that I have Komplete Elements up and running, but 7.2GB feels like being painted into a corner. Windows would hate it, but Linux hasn't barked once about it so far.
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