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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Pretty sure the M-Audio cards got assigned 2 and 3. Video card HDMI audio got 0, and the VIA motherboard audio got 1. There are too dang many similar names for this stuff. Another variation that works some places, but not in others is hw:M2496,0
For this purpose you can safely drop the ,0 part, it refers to sub devices. Might be relevant if you add a device with say 4 midi ports, or some special sound cards.

There is a way to bind a device to an index, maybe we can do that some day. I don't think M2496 and M2496_1 will ever change place, AFAIK they get sorted on the PCI address. So if you consistently refer to them as hw:M2496 and hw:M2496_1 you ought to avoid all hassles with this "issue". But if one day you have the kick/snare on the OH tracks and vice versa, then you know what happened

I could investigate if there is some way to assign index based on the card type and pci address, it might be possible but I've never come across it.
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