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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
osxmidi is right, "sudo mount -t udf file.iso -o unhide /mnt" should work. It took me many days to figure that one out when I wanted to install Komplete 8. I don't know if it's some kind of copy protection or just a strangely formatted DVD, but what happens is that Linux/Wine only sees the OS/X assets and not the windows ones. If you use the above command it should see the needed Windows assets.

I'm unsure if iLock dongles will work in Wine, just be careful that you don't lose some important licenses when you try to get it working! :S But there have been reports of people getting Pace's cloud/harddisk licensing to work. I suppose the same caveat applies here..

Edit: For installing NI, you might have to change directory to the DVD before running the installer. Another tip, when trying to install Waves, it might be smart to create a new account and install a few demo licenses, so that you are sure that it works before you try with one of your genuine licenses, would be bad for them to vanish into the digital ether...
For the moment, I'm only installing or trying to install software that I have retired on the Windows side of the house. EZ-Drummer was EZ to install, has some great sounds and wasn't being used because I have Superior Drummer in Windows now. Turns out I don't use either of them for the drums any more, since I can record real drums now, but I use them to lay down scratch beats to use as a metronome while composing. Then later I replace the scratch digital drums with acoustic real ones. I don't plan to even try installing PACE or any of my plugins that use it, which are like two or maybe three plugins.

I'm going to try installing Native Instruments Komplete Elements again in a while using the mount command that osxmidi posted on my real physical store bought DVD. I did try installing it yesterday from a Wine CMD prompt, logged onto the drive letter Wine knows the CD/DVD drive as. It still threw out the can't find my disk message.
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