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Originally Posted by osxmidi View Post
Waves Central does work or it used to work until someone made a Wine cmd.exe patch that broke it in Wine Staging 3.12 and there has been a patch submitted but it missed Wine 3.14 so Waves Central has been broken in Wine Staging 3.12, Wine Staging 3.13 and Wine Staging 3.14.

I don't know if it would help as I havn't got Kontakt and others wouold know more about it but I think that if the dvd's are dual PC/Mac (like the old Pro Tools dvd's) then the unhide option might be needed.

For all NI iso files they need to be mounted using udf and the unhide option.

sudo mount -t udf file.iso -o unhide /mnt

run winecfg and check the Drives tab for a windows drive letter associated with /mnt

cd /mnt and run the installer (wine setup.exe)

To unmount the iso change to a drirectory away from /mnt and then sudo umount /mnt

Thanks! I'll give this a try in a while. It would be great if I could get this piece of software to go, as it is not installed on the Windows side of the house, and does have some (although limited) great sounds from the full Kontakt library.
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