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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
In that case the real roundtrip latency at those settings including buffers in the interface and conversion time is as follows: (192+206)/44.1 ~ 9.0ms. Not shabby at all. Contrast that with what I measured with similar settings with a USB device: (192+384)/44.1 ~13.1ms.
I can live with under 10ms. Latency really stands out on midi drums, and I'm not feeling any lag when playing digital drums from keyboard or pad kit. The test tracks I recorded earlier of bass and guitar were monitoring through REAPER, and the response felt plenty tight. I don't use virtual guitar or bass rigs (both are covered by hardware), but I could if I wanted to.

But, but, it can be improved Just kidding, if that works well for you, I'm happy to have been able to help you! I don't know if your projects would work without xruns at similar settings with USB, latency is only half the story. Though I don't think you'd notice the difference, but some people are more sensitive to this than others.
If I ever do hear a smear or artifact, I never worry about it. I will stop, back up and verify that it isn't actually printed that way, knowing that when I render it to wave or MP3 that it should be all fine and dandy anyway.

I was actually more interested in if you were running 16.04, 17.10, 18.04 etc. If I have understood right, all these flavours are the same foundation with a different GUI bolted on.
Oh, it's 18.04.1 LTS Bionic Beaver. Yeah, it's really the xfce desktop and boatload of stuff that's NOT pre-installed that I like about Xubuntu.
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