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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
I still may pop for one of those Behringer UMC1820 units. They are only $250, and I have several things I could easily trade in and get the price more like $100.
If I not wrong there are many places that gives you a 30 days money back guarantee. Seems a no brainer to pick one up to test, and if you aren't satisfied send it back. I note that the unit also has internal monitoring, that means that you can monitor without latency even if the device is running at higher latency.

I record with a X32 and do all the monitoring through it's onboard FX. This means that I can run it at 1024 samples buffer with no problems. The only thing I really have to pay attention to, is to measure the round trip latency and configure reaper to account for the hidden latency. This is to make sure that the newly recorded tracks line up properly with the already recorded material.

You also have the added advantage to have your M-Audio devices, which means that you could record drums monitoring through the Behringer at high latency, and then switch to your M-Audio for real low latency monitoring through FX when recording guitar and bass. Then add your softsynths still running at low latency.

I think you're gonna be happy with Linux, especially once you get all the plugins you need running. We're already in a good place with Reaper, U-he, LinVst, etc. Things can only improve from here on! BTW, Repro-5 is a seriously good sounding prophet emulation, there are also quite a few totally free Linux synths that are very high quality!

Still I'm very curious to hear if that .asoundrc works out for you! If you copy that to your home dir and start jack (or reaper) you ought to have a new device that combines the 2 cards into one. That without rebooting it will be there for the next program that you start. Same to remove it, just delete the file and it's gone. Doesn't change your system in any way what so ever.
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