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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Cool, I'll add the -S to QjackCtrl. The 206 was in the additional delay compensation box after I did the ping test. I did nothing more than connect a loopback cable, add an instance of ReaInsert and click the ping button. Nothing else was changed from stock settings.
In that case the real roundtrip latency at those settings including buffers in the interface and conversion time is as follows: (192+206)/44.1 ~ 9.0ms. Not shabby at all. Contrast that with what I measured with similar settings with a USB device: (192+384)/44.1 ~13.1ms.

It's not adding any perceived latency, and since I've always had the non-synchronized start times with the two cards, I don't know that one could ever measure it. I'll say this, it's all working as good as it works in Windows, and I'm only missing a couple of plugins now.
But, but, it can be improved Just kidding, if that works well for you, I'm happy to have been able to help you! I don't know if your projects would work without xruns at similar settings with USB, latency is only half the story. Though I don't think you'd notice the difference, but some people are more sensitive to this than others.

I'm running Xubuntu. I don't really like Ubuntu at all personally. The few times I've tried it recently it seemed way to full of flashy desktop and way too light on nuts and bolts access for me.
I was actually more interested in if you were running 16.04, 17.10, 18.04 etc. If I have understood right, all these flavours are the same foundation with a different GUI bolted on.
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