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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
Well let's not throw they baby out with the bath water. Maybe if we quantize the real loopback latency that you have, we'll find that the difference isn't insurmountable, especially at these low buffer sizes.

Another alternative would possibly be to add the usb device in the same manner with zita-a2j, it does have a high quality resampling algorithm and might very well serve well for recording toms and room mics.

I have actually started aligning kick and snare to the overheads even when recording with only one interface. As I also use a recorder man setup, both kick and snare align in the overheads. I religiously move the kick and snare tracks to line up with what I have in the overheads. IMO it leads to a fuller sound. I don't bother much with the toms as I can't align them to both overheads anyways, and trying to do it for the room mics would be useless, as they are further away..

I can imagine the disconnect between the full and the thin sound, that would have bugged the hell out of me too.
I had posted a message in the main group asking if people regularly hand aligned kick and snare mics with their overheads, because while zoomed in one day I noticed how far off the hits were. That's when Karbo jumped in and made me aware of the two physical devices start synchronization issue.

I've only been recording real acoustic drums again for about a year, so I never had any issues using V-Drums and Superior Drummer, but then I bought a little Ludwig Breakbeats kit and started trying to mic it up for recording.

Sometimes I'd record with them and they'd sound great, and then the next project like they were in a phone booth or something.

I still may pop for one of those Behringer UMC1820 units. They are only $250, and I have several things I could easily trade in and get the price more like $100.
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