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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
The reason that it reverted to 192 samples (3x64) is that you didn't add the -S parameter to qjackctl You can do this in settings - advanced - server prefix, just add -S after jackd. Then you ought to get 64/64 just like you had when starting it from reaper or the command line. I take it that the 206 value is what was reported in the additional delay compensation field? Was additional delay compensation selected?
Cool, I'll add the -S to QjackCtrl. The 206 was in the additional delay compensation box after I did the ping test. I did nothing more than connect a loopback cable, add an instance of ReaInsert and click the ping button. Nothing else was changed from stock settings.

I won't dispute that this actually happens, I have zero experience with combining cards in this manner. However I don't buy the explanation that the cards kick in to record mode at different times. The cards are inputting audio the entire time you run reaper, be it in record mode or not. Sadly I can't offer an alternative explanation for why this would be

The reason I mentioned latency in this context is because I'm not sure if using zita-a2j adds latency or not, though my guess is that it doesn't. It was one thing I wanted to ascertain as I'm on vacation with my laptop and I have no reliable way to test myself. I.E. I wanted to use you as a guinea pig, I hope you don't mind
It's not adding any perceived latency, and since I've always had the non-synchronized start times with the two cards, I don't know that one could ever measure it. I'll say this, it's all working as good as it works in Windows, and I'm only missing a couple of plugins now.

Thanks, that's useful information for me. Then I know that the next time I can tell ubuntu users to just install rtirq and edit the config file. Adding a kernel boot flag to the boot manager is a lot more complicated to explain

As a matter of interest, what version of ubuntu do you use?
I'm running Xubuntu. I don't really like Ubuntu at all personally. The few times I've tried it recently it seemed way to full of flashy desktop and way too light on nuts and bolts access for me.Just in the last couple of months I had all these versions on my machine.

Mint, Ubuntu, Manjaro, Arch, and AVLinux.

I was trying out different versions to be my primary desktop for everything except REAPER. My plan was to use this dual boot setup so I could still boot to Windows to run REAPER, but then I downloaded the Linux version of REAPER!
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