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As a matter of interest with what hardware have you seen this? I'm gonna run some tests with my RME and ADAT converters when I get home to see what I can discover. I hate stuff like this...
I first ran into it (because someone told me not because I noticed) when I bought my UA 4-710D around 2011 and connected it via ADAT to my RME Fireface. I'd have to test again but I want to think it was only a handful of samples total, wiggling around by a few on subsequent runs.

I'll let you in on a small secret.. With USB on Linux (but I've heard of this from Windows users too), each time you connect to the soundcard you might get a slightly different latency. The difference is not great, maybe +- 20 samples. What is somewhat worse is that the bigger the buffersize the bigger the hidden latency is, and at 1024 samples it is really significant...
The only thing that sounds strange to me about that is almost all systems (I've owned) have some small +/- sample discrepancy from what is reported. Thusly, I do a formal loopback test and make the adjustment in reaper's playback/record offset settings using a single square wave sample to get them 100% sample accurate by comparing send/receiving tracks in the loopback. For my current setup that's -53 samples and has always been -53 samples for 48k - mentioning sample rate simply because latencies etc. move with sample rate.

Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep an eye on it in case I'm overlooking something or maybe what I'm speaking of isn't directly related.
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