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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
a pattern to how much out of sync they are during multiple tries. Mind you this is only a wild guess as I've never heard of this before and I've never studied the subject.
When I first ran into it around 2011, it was explained as not being able to tell "who was first out of the gate". There is some initial spin up of the stream or similar of each device that are unaware of each other's start position, then something like WC or ADAT simply sync that and it stays perfectly locked after that point, it just may not be sample-aligned perfectly.

Based on that and IME, the variance isn't that huge but it is somewhat of a random race condition and enough to be concerned about phase issues on sources that may be sensitive to it. I've always avoided by keeping those sources on the same device but it can also be solved like Glenn does by finding a way to "mark and shift" after the fact; but since it varies, we can't set and forget it. That's all I know though as I've never dug into the internals.

It bugs me mentally, but my methodology makes it something I rarely actually have to deal with.
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