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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
I'm vastly guessing Jacks numbers are due to the driver not being written by RME?

44.1k = 44,100/1000 = 44.1 samples per ms = 192 samples/44.1 = 4.3 ms. I've not followed these threads so who knows what I'm missing.
AFAIK RME was very unimpressed with using USB as the latency was far to high, so they proceeded to write their own driver that uses the USB hardware but a different protocol thus achieving far better results.

The misery with usb soundcards on Linux is that there are no drivers, just the generic class 2.0 audio specification that adds alot of latency. I do believe that most windows users actually have the same issue as most card manufacturers don't bother doing as RME did...

What might be better on Windows in this respect is that they have somewhat of a driver that at least can report a more or less accurate latency back to reaper. On Linux Reaper only knows about the latency that can be calculated with the following formula. Buffersize X Periods / samplerate * 1000 (gives the result in ms), while the actual latency will be higher due to the delay of of sending audio through the USB bus.

PCI and FW cards are much lower latency than USB on Linux (as they probably are on windows and osx too for most cards).
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