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Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
I'm probably gonna break an unspoken rule by saying this. I've already mixed the December track (with phones anyway, great song btw) and (imo, these things being somewhat subjective and all) I would suggest not mixing this like a rock or pop song, mix it like a live performance and embrace the bleed.

Let it breath... and resist the urge to deploy the "mix tricks". Easy track to mix actually. The goal is to avoid doing too much, not trying to inject "you" into what is already a good set of tracks.
I totally agree with you Lawrence, but even in the old days with tape, we tried to bring out the best of each instrument, and then put them all together.

The thing I dislike most about modern pop is how "level" everything is. If you listen to old R&B you'll notice things (correctly) occasionally jumping out at you, as what actually happens in live music. This is not me talking btw, this is from people much better than me, one of their common critiques of "our" mixes, that they're static, and lifeless.
Again, I totally agree with you Lawrence, but today's songs are not the old R&B or even the old R&R. Today's performances, for the most part, come at you "IN YOUR FACE". The difference is the performance, along with what, I presume, is the loudness factor.

For myself, I'm an old fart from back in the 60s, 70, & 80s, and I think from what I've heard you say, you're probably not far behind me. I miss the old days, but things are the way they are. I'm just here to have fun and play along with everybody else, many of whom I'm sure are young enough to be my grandkids (I've got grandkids in their 30s, ).
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