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Default Reaper unloaded all my plugins after Gullfoss crash

I purchased Gullfoss about a month ago. It worked great for a few days in Reaper with the trial mode on Windows 10 64bit. As soon as I purchased and loaded it in a project it crashed. All my other plugins including iLok, work fine. This went back and forth with the support team sending them crash reports as well as downloading GL viewer and sending the report to them, but nothing was resolved. After crashing for the 5th or 6th time, Reaper unloaded all my plugins and would not let me reload them. I downloaded to the latest version of Reaper but was still unable to reload/scan my plugins. I finally had to have tech help and have them restore my computer using my back up drives to a state prior to downloading Gullfoss.
Is there anyone who has had Reaper remove all their plugins and is there a solution to restoring them?

Windows 10, i9 128 gigs
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