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Default 1st post this forum--enthusiasm for MacOS version!

Just wanted to increase the traffic here to show my interest and excitement for a MacOS version of Reaper. I've been in DAW limbo hopping between ProTools (audio good, midi bad) and Logic (midi good, audio bad) for a number of years, and would love to see a modern alternative DAW. The idea of a serious native mixing platform is very exciting, as well as the inclusion of some good solid midi editing features.

I'm looking forward to seeing the mixer for Mac! Also being able to read the names of the tracks! (In 0.69 on my computer, if I double-click on the track name, the text appears and I can edit it, but when I move on, the text disappears). The day I see the mixer, I'll pony up for the registration fee.

I'm also very interested in using multi-channel VST instrument plugs--also syncing flexibility with ProTools? Will Reaper be available as a Rewire slave, still being able to use active VST plugs? Many questions have I about options...

thanks for any response--Kevin
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